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Who We Are & How We Can Help You


ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd, (or STEE-eServ in short), is a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd, a business unit under the public listed company ST Engineering. We are the first home-grown multi-functional shared services provider in Singapore.

Our service delivery model leverages on strong domain knowledge in operationalising policies, translating them into integrated e-enabled processes that offer our clients reliable and excellent service with one-touch convenience.

Delivering a positive experience is our aim and you will be able to leverage on our extensive capabilities in the various outsourcing services such as Finance & Accounting, Payroll/Benefits & Claims, Training & Development, Corporate Travel, Safety & Health, Environment and Quality Management Training & Consultancy, to yield cost savings, improve customer satisfaction and enhance workforce performance.

Our professional team will be able to customise solutions to help your organisation’s outsourcing journey range from tactical outsourcing needs for specific services to large-scale strategic transformational outsourcing requirements. While we are structured to optimise our service delivery through our onshore Centre of Excellence in Bukit Merah (Singapore), we are also open to other service delivery arrangements.

We have developed our 4E-methodology to assist you in making an informed decision:
Engage       - To understand your strategies and intent
Ensure        - To establish management plans
Execute      - To implement operations and review issues
Enhance     - To monitor and improve



Our Vision, Mission, Core Values & Value Proposition

Our Vision
  Our Mission
To be the preferred multi-functional shared services provider in Singapore and the region.   To deliver quality shared services, enhancing value and convenience for our clients and partners.


 Our Core Values

Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company and a work environment which we are proud of. Today, such focus has allowed us to enjoy much success in the industry.


Success comes from never being satisfied. This is why we encourage innovation within our work environment by constantly searching for new ideas that drive efficiency & quality outcome and execute them across our business.
Service Excellence

Creating meaningful impact for our clients is one of our top priorities. Our employees are trained to listen to the needs of our clients as well as offer simple, clear and understandable solutions that bring about a pleasant experience.

Integrity means doing what is right. Our belief in integrity helps to drive mutual respect and create fulfilling relationships and partnerships to support business.

Two heads are better than one and more heads working towards the same goal make us stronger. Besides sharing ideas and brainstorming best practices, we help our colleagues grow professionally and personally. With great teamwork, we serve and delight our clients.
Trust & Reliability

Relationships built on a foundation of trust, honesty, dependability, respect and transparency will last longer. We seek to continually build trust with the colleagues, clients and partners we work with, putting our shared interests ahead of any individual or team.
Value Creation

We believe in creating value for our clients by providing them with the right talent and advice so that they can achieve the results they want and celebrate it.


 Our Value Propositions

Domain knowledge has continuously been built through implementing and managing projects for our clients through the years. As such, our sector expertise and experiences provide a strong foundation where we offer our clients insight and advice based on what is in their best interests. Key value propositions for our customers in the Public and Private-sectors include:

  • Meaningful and sustained cost savings
  • Improved staff and customer satisfaction
  • Professionalisation of workforce and productivity improvements

Management Team

 Our Management Team

Responsible and experienced, our management team brings together thought-leading individuals who are well equipped with a wealth of down-to-earth wisdom in the various industries and sector. Their strong leadership has led the company in achieving many accolades, high customer satisfaction ratings and service level standards over the years.

Ms Karen Tan

ST Electronics
(Info-Software Systems) /

ST Electronics (e-Services)

  Karen is a human resource professional with an extensive 25 years of experience in the Public Sector (specifically in MINDEF and the SAF) before venturing into the private sector in June 2007, and currently leading ST Electronics (e-Services) as Senior Vice President/General Manager. Karen drives the business growth and strategy in the various business areas. Her responsibilities include establishing new partnerships and strategies to meet clients' needs as well as support the company in achieving it's mission and vision.

Karen has initiated many major business processes, re-engineering as well as organisation and systems reviews in the organisations that she worked in, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings. A very driven and compassionate person with a dynamic personality; Karen believes in bringing out the best in everyone, building rapport and maintaining long term relationships with whoever she comes in contact with. She is also very focused on achieving more than what customers expect in relationship management.

Mr Jonathan Chin
VP, STEE-eServ

  Jonathan Chin held senior management positions during his public sector tenure. He was actively involved in Human Resources and Learning & Organisation Management and Development. These included HR Strategy Planning & Formulation, Recruitment, Learning & Career Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning.
In June 2000, Jonathan joined Horizon.com, a main board listed company in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector. He rose to the appointment of Vice President, Corporate Learning within 2 years, taking over business division and transforming it into a profitable business. Subsequently, with the acquisition of COMAT Training Services by Horizon.com in late 2002, he was appointed General Manager of COMAT Training Services in October 2003.
With the support of COMAT's core team, Jonathan successfully expanded and transformed COMAT's earlier business offering primarily Microsoft End User Office Training to become the Leading Workforce Training and Certifications Provider in three (3) competency domains ie. Information Technology & Business Management (ITBM), Safety & Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), and Leadership & Professional Development (LPD), driving organisational performance with targeted capability and capacity building that strengthened their competitive edge.
In May 2010, ST Electronics (e-Services) acquired 100% of COMAT and Jonathan was responsible for its successful integration. Thereafter, Jonathan was presented with another challenge to review the company's Training & Development Services Group (TDSG) business division. Jonathan was appointed Assistant Vice President (AVP) TDSG in July 2012 and has successfully re-organised and transformed the business and positioned it for growth.
Jonathan graduated from the school of ‘hard knocks’ and skilled in business transformation that drives organisational performance. He is a strong advocate of partnerships to grow business and adopts a 'people first' philosophy, promotes a customer-centric culture and practices servant leadership. He practises responsible hiring and believes that growth is the only way to provide employees with a meaningful career.

Mr. Philip Chin
AVP, Biz Process Outsourcing Group
HR & Customer Care Services 



Philip completed a remarkable 28-year career in Public Service before leaving in December 2005. He has a wealth of experience in human resource management and transformation, including manpower planning, recruitment, personnel management and career schemes development. Earlier in his career, he was responsible for providing engineering and logistics support to operational departments and had undertaken project management roles.

Philip has been with ST Electronics (e-Services) since May 2008 after a short stint in the education industry. As Assistant Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO). Philip drives the BPO Group that helps clients to execute business transactions and processes efficiently and effectively to optimise returns, enabling clients to focus on their core business functions.


 Mrs. Angela Soo
AVP, Biz Process Outsourcing Group
Finance & Payroll Services

  Angela has more than twenty years of experience in managing Financial Services in the Public Sector.  Her experience ranges from policy making, staff functions and operations. Over the years, by leveraging on her strong finance foundation and vast experience, Angela has played a key role in the development of Financial Shared Services model and spearheading innovation projects resulting in major efficiency gains and greater system/process robustness.

With her established credentials, Angela was appointed business lead of financial services in 2007 after the setup of ST Electronics (e-Services) to oversee the start-up and delivery of financial shared services and ensure its smooth operations thereafter. In 2016, Angela was appointed Assistant Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO), driving the expanding BPO group's business areas in Finance and Payroll services.