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Training and Development Services Group (TDSG) was formed in 2008 as a business of ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd.

STEE-eServ TDSG provides Innovative End-to-End Learning Solution delivered through Advanced Pedagogy, Immersive TEL Solution and Actionable Performance Analytics to drive organisation performance.

Our core job families comprise Curriculum Developers, Learning Technologists, Learning Designers, Content Developers (Programmers & Graphics Designers), and Project Managers. STEE-eServ TDSG employed over 200+ professionals who are experienced, qualified and dedicated with extensive experiences in L&OD domains

STEE-eServ TDSG has extensive experience in eLearning courseware development in adult education and professional development, providing integrated and innovative learning solutions delivered through Quality Content, User-Centric Instructional Design and Adaptive Deliveries to drive organization performance.

We are the prime partner in MINDEF's Learning Transformation Project (LEARNet) and also a major content partner for NTU Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) project (NTU TEL). Since 2009, we have successfully designed, developed and deployed 1200+ of eLearning content hours of diverse domain areas ranging from education, finance, human resource, cyber security, workplace safety and health, military and aviation.

We also have an experienced in-house team of Learning Designers and Content Developers who are well versed in the ADDIE + Agile methodology implementation. Our team is also equipped with leading edge software, video equipment and facilities to produce customised multimedia elements.

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Solutions offered by TDSG:

Solution Type
Solution Description
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E-Hosting and/or Management System
Saba Cloud Learning Management Platform
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Learning and Instructional Design and/or Content Development
Level 1 to 3 e-Learning courseware development (SCORM) that complies with:
  • ADDIE Framework
  • Adult Learning Theory - Malcolm Knowles
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
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Learner Engagement and Delivery e-Learning, Blended Learning and instructor-led Training
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Learning Facilitation and/or Assessment
  • Problem Based Learning Case Study
  • Discussion Groups
  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Formative Assessment
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Multi-Media Design and Development
  • Richard Mayer Multimedia Design
  • 2D/3D Graphical illustration / Infographics / Animations / Video Based Learning
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Video/Audio Production Yes
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COMAT Training Services


IT & Business Management (ITBM)
With the rise in Information Technology Business Management, our ITBM courses are all designed to help company employees acquire knowledge and training in these areas of expertise for their scope of work.

The courses we offer:
  • NICF (National Infocomm Competency Framework)
  • Cyber Security
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Enterprise IT Technologies
  • IT & Project Management
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Mobile Apps & Media
  • Office Skills (ICDL, Skillzxpress, Excelytics, Microsoft Office Specialist)
Please click here for more detailed information on the individual courses.
Safety & Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Nation before community and society above self, family as the basic unit of society.

These are the values we implore every individual to uphold. In return for a philosophy beyond self, a sacrifice for the greater good, nations and communities have an obligation to ensure the well-being of all individuals in their reach.

Led by a group of renowned and highly experienced consultants, our Centre for SHEQ (Safety and Health, Environment and Quality) is a highly specialised unit of ST Electronics Group. It offers globally accepted consultancy, training and auditing services, our Centre for SHEQ aims to be the one-stop unit for everything pertaining to workplace safety.

Visit our SHEQ website to find out more.
Leadership & Professional Development (LPD)
We offer a wide variety of courses which are specially designed to help educate, refresh and maintain leadership and professional skills in the work and market place.

Our leadership skills and professional development courses are delivered through a unique blend of trainer-led discussions, group discussions and scenario-based learning. These leadership skills and professional development courses will help customers to develop the ability to think and act strategically to drive change and innovation effectively, as well as think outside the box in their everyday interactions with others.

Some of the Courses Available:

  • Managing with Leadership – Mastering Team Management Skill: 2 days
  • Managing & Building Positive Relationships: 2 days
    Customising Communication Styles to Different Profile Types; Promoting Team Cohesiveness
  • Developing Global Leaders: 2 days
    Supporting and Leveraging Diversity
    Handling Diversity in Cultures, Generations and Aligning with Business Strategies
  • Solution-Focused Leadership Coaching: 2 days
    Building on Strengths; Approaches to Conflict Resolution; Problem-Solving vs Solution Building.
  • High Performance Leadership Coaching: 2 days
    Appreciative Leadership Inquiry Skills; High Performance Management, Feedback and Feed Forward

Please click here for more detailed information on the individual courses as well as all other available courses.

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