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In today’s dynamic global business environment, change is the only constant. It is not only expected, but necessary for any organisation to keep up with their industry, protect their competitive advantage and stay ahead of the competition.
Build the people to build the organisation.

And to do that, it is essential to develop the very workforce that would support the organisation in achieving its business objectives. A well-trained and equipped workforce will be the driving force behind a leading organisation.
Our Training & Development Services Group (TDSG) offers customised and contextualised learning solutions that can help your organisation meet its unique business needs.

COMAT Training Services


IT & Business Management (ITBM)
With the rise in Information Technology Business Management, our ITBM courses are all designed to help company employees acquire knowledge and training in these areas of expertise for their scope of work.

The courses we offer:
  • NICF (National Infocomm Competency Framework)
  • Cyber Security
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Enterprise IT Technologies
  • IT & Project Management
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Mobile Apps & Media
  • Office Skills (ICDL, Skillzxpress, Excelytics, Microsoft Office Specialist)
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Safety & Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Nation before community and society above self, family as the basic unit of society.

These are the values we implore every individual to uphold. In return for a philosophy beyond self, a sacrifice for the greater good, nations and communities have an obligation to ensure the well-being of all individuals in their reach.

Led by a group of renowned and highly experienced consultants, our Centre for SHEQ (Safety and Health, Environment and Quality) is a highly specialised unit of ST Electronics Group. It offers globally accepted consultancy, training and auditing services, our Centre for SHEQ aims to be the one-stop unit for everything pertaining to workplace safety.

Visit our SHEQ website to find out more.
Leadership & Professional Development (LPD)
We offer a wide variety of courses which are specially designed to help educate, refresh and maintain leadership and professional skills in the work and market place.

Our leadership skills and professional development courses are delivered through a unique blend of trainer-led discussions, group discussions and scenario-based learning. These leadership skills and professional development courses will help customers to develop the ability to think and act strategically to drive change and innovation effectively, as well as think outside the box in their everyday interactions with others.

Some of the Courses Available:

  • Managing with Leadership – Mastering Team Management Skill: 2 days
  • Managing & Building Positive Relationships: 2 days
    Customising Communication Styles to Different Profile Types; Promoting Team Cohesiveness
  • Developing Global Leaders: 2 days
    Supporting and Leveraging Diversity
    Handling Diversity in Cultures, Generations and Aligning with Business Strategies
  • Solution-Focused Leadership Coaching: 2 days
    Building on Strengths; Approaches to Conflict Resolution; Problem-Solving vs Solution Building.
  • High Performance Leadership Coaching: 2 days
    Appreciative Leadership Inquiry Skills; High Performance Management, Feedback and Feed Forward

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Knowledge Alive

At Training & Development Services Group (TDSG), we Innovate, Inspire and Simplify Learning with Quality Curriculum and Content, through the application of Adaptive Technology, embedding Advanced Pedagogy in our Instructional Design.
A Learner-centric Solution Approach
Our Learner-centric solution is premised on understanding how to help individuals, teams and organisations build distinctive capabilities and capacities to deliver sustainable performance.
We have developed a unique approach in building our solutions that focuses on customisation and contextualisation to meet unique business needs. We also integrate evaluation processes at every stage of the solution development as a commitment to measure the performance of our learning solutions.

In all our customised solutions, we first seek to understand our client’s unique needs through thorough research and analysis to identify gaps, areas for improvement and industry trends, and benchmark these against the industry’s best practices.
We design enterprise-wide learning solutions that make learning intuitive, engaging and fun. But more importantly, we provide solutions that improve workforce productivity.
With our dedicated team of performance consultants, learning designers, curriculum and content developers, we build and develop bespoke learning solutions that specifically address our clients' business needs to achieve the desired results.
With our expertise in providing solutions embedded with adaptive and advanced technology, we deliver our training over multi-modal platforms. This ranges from instructor-led learning, e-learning, blended learning, virtual learning, video-based learning, m-learning, serious games learning to virtual reality learning.
We are committed to measuring the performance of our learning solution. One of the methodologies is the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model to manage and measure effective learning and learning effectiveness.
What We Offer Our Customers
We offer consultancy and implementation in the following domains:

Curriculum & Content Development
We aim to make learning effective, accessible and enjoyable. With adaptive technologies incorporated into multi-training platforms, your information can be made more interactive, encouraging self-help and allowing learners to acquire knowledge at their convenience. In all our curriculum and content development, we ensure Learner-Centric Instructional Design is incorporated to facilitate effective learning. From planning and development to implementation and evaluation, you can count on our cache of best practices, proven learning methodologies and advanced pedagogy to achieve results.
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Serious Games
Game-based learning creates the platform for the user to take an active approach to learning with rapid feedback, leading to higher engagement and improved learning. Using game technology, we design, develop and implement serious games that engage, educate and entertain.
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Competency Framework Development
As experienced practitioners with deep industrial knowledge, our consultants have extensive experience in designing and evaluating competency frameworks, giving our clients a competitive edge with the right framework for their organisations.
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Performance Support Management
We adopt the best practices of the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation Methodology in training and people development to achieve the desired results for our customers. Whether you are in human resources or business development, we help you to improve the value and impact of every effort and stretch your resource allocation to achieve better bottom-line results.
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TDSG employs over 100 dedicated professionals who are experienced and qualified with experience in the domain of learning, training and development. We have helped many of our customers achieve their goals and improve business processes.
Contact us directly to learn more about what we can offer at TDSG.

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