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We provide services that help your business tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and stand strong in today's competitive landscape.

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Experience a more efficient accounts payable process. We manage supplier payments, track expenses, and optimise cash flow, all while reducing paperwork and delays.

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Get your cash flowing faster with our services. We help you speed up invoice processing, reduce payment cycles, and improve collection efforts, ensuring your revenue keeps growing.

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Gain valuable insights into your financial performance with our reporting processes. Easily access, analyse, and visualise your financial data to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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Fixed Assets and Inventory Management

Efficiently manage your assets for maximum returns. Our asset records management solutions help you track, maintain, and optimise your asset portfolio, ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

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Grants Management

Make grants stress-free. Our solutions guide you through complex programs, ensure compliance, and maximise cost savings.

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Payroll, Benefits and Claims

Simplify employee compensation and well-being. Our solutions cover precise pay calculations, easy benefits, and claims management, ensuring your employees are paid accurately and taken care of hassle-free.

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People Operations

Transform your HR operations with our expertise. We enhance recruitment, streamline learning and development, and elevate employee management. The result? A more efficient, effective HR process, empowering your strategic growth and value creation.

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Contact Centre Solutions

Our 24/7 support and advanced tools ensure top-notch service for your customers, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. With our expertise, your business gains the edge it needs to excel in today's competitive landscape. 

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Training and Development

Empower your team's skills and expertise through our tailored training programs. Nurture a culture of constant growth, tapping into unused potential for sustained excellence.

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Admin Processing and Operations Services

We process claims, refunds, and appeals with precision and compliance. Our experienced team manages various administrative functions, ensuring a smooth transition and strong support for your business.

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Welfare Services

eServ is your dedicated partner in delivering top-notch welfare transition support. Our innovative welfare services, focus on staff morale, and robust transition management ensure you receive welfare support that truly makes a difference.

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Advisory and Consultancy

Receive expert guidance and fuel your business transformation with our advisory services. Boost operational efficiency, growth, and success through strategic insights and innovative strategies.

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Building capacity and enhancing experiences for lasting success

With a focus on practical solutions, ethical conduct, and quality service, we are here to be your reliable partner on the path to success.


Supercharge efficiency

Take operational efficiency to new heights. Our streamlined processes and expert management free up your resources, allowing you to achieve more in less time and driving rapid growth.

Continuous process improvement

Embrace a continuous pursuit of excellence to ensure your functions and processes remain relevant. This approach supports the dynamic climate and meets your evolving expectations.

Focus on core competencies

Bid farewell to labour-intensive tasks that drain your resources. Our solutions optimise your tasks, freeing valuable time for strategic decision-making and expansion.

Tap into specialised expertise

Access expert insights and guidance to steer your business towards success. Our tailored expertise enhances your operations, addresses challenges with precision, and empowers you with the tools to accomplish more.

Safeguard your reputation

Trust us to safeguard your reputation. Our ethical conduct and Data Protection Trustmark ensure data security and confidentiality, protecting your brand's integrity and building lasting trust.

Enhance vendor collaboration

Our efficient vendor coordination services ensure that all parties work seamlessly together, enhancing overall performance and maximising asset utilization.

Customer stories, powered by eServ


Streamlining payroll services for a key Education Services provider
Streamlining payroll services for our client
Providing a seamless LMS transition for an education agency
Providing a seamless LMS transition for our client
Enhancing customer experience in healthcare
Enhancing customer experience with our contact centre solutions

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