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Control cash advances

Streamlining cash advances is essential for maintaining your business' financial agility and responsiveness. We provide you with the tools to simplify and optimise your cash advance management, helping you stay in control.

  • Seamless cash flow management: Simplify cash advance procedures, ensuring that funds flow smoothly when needed most.
  • Precision and transparency: Our technology guarantees precise and transparent records of each cash advance, reducing discrepancies.
  • Customised approval: Tailor cash advance approval processes to your unique business needs, with full control over request and approval permissions.
  • Real-time tracking: Stay well-informed with real-time tracking and monitoring of cash advances, enabling informed decisions and adjustments.

Accurate expense posting and reconciliation

Post and reconcile expenses

Handling expenses accurately keeps your business finances in order. At eServ, we make sure expenses are managed with precision, reducing mistakes and promoting clear financial records.

  • Error-free expense tracking: Our system ensures that all expenses are recorded correctly, preventing mistakes and confusion.
  • Simplified reconciliation: We simplify the process of comparing and balancing expenses, making it easy and efficient.
  • Clear expense records: We maintain organised and transparent expense records for easy reference and compliance.
  • Grant disbursal assurance: We proactively ensure grant disbursements are promptly concluded.

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