Business challenges

Our client is embarking on a new customer outreach initiative that necessitates the rapid establishment of a dedicated contact centre to handle the anticipated surge in call and email volumes.

Lacking the requisite experience and expertise to independently develop such a contact centre, our client has engaged eServ to design and implement a comprehensive end-to-end solution on their behalf.


In response to our client's challenges and the desire to enhance their overall customer experience, eServ has put forth a holistic contact centre strategy, primarily centred around the establishment of a robust technological infrastructure.

This infrastructure will not only enhance customer support operations of the contact centre but also streamline support processes. Within a tight implementation timeframe, our carefully selected pool of contact centre agents has undergone rigorous training, equipping them with in-depth product knowledge and the ability to address frequently asked questions.

This, in turn, enables us to meet and exceed key performance Indicators and achieve a high customer satisfaction and first contact resolution rate for our client.




Benefiting from eServ's extensive experience in setting up and managing a diverse range of contact centres, our collaboration with the client led to the creation of a highly effective contact centre.

This centre has delivered remarkable results, greatly supporting our client's business initiative and enhancing the overall customer experience. With a solid foundation in providing exceptional multi-channel support, our client swiftly expanded its outreach program to encompass a larger customer base.

To ensure the maintenance of our high service standards, our contact centre’s quality service manager consistently reviews customer satisfaction surveys, which consistently reflect results that align with our client's elevated expectations.

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