Managed 300,000+ inquiries
Served 70,000+ visitors
Handled 30,000+ complex cases

Our HR and Customer Care solutions


Optimise people operations

Transform your HR operations with our expertise. We enhance recruitment, streamline learning and development, and elevate employee management. The result? A more efficient, effective HR process, empowering your strategic growth and value creation.


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Empowerment through welfare

eServ has been dedicated to empowering customers with quality welfare services for over a decade. We prioritise the well-being of every employee by offering specialised welfare programmes tailored to their diverse life stages.


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Streamline administrative tasks

We process claims, refunds, and appeals with precision and compliance. Our experienced team manages various administrative functions, ensuring a smooth transition and strong support for your business.


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Elevate service with our contact centre solutions

Our 24/7 support and advanced tools ensure top-notch service for your customers, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. With our expertise, your business gains the edge it needs to excel in today's competitive landscape.

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Efficient case and operations management

We handle everything from requests to appeals, both digital and paper-based. Our proactive approach ensures efficiency, issue resolution, and sky-high customer satisfaction. Trust us for seamless, top-tier service.


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Our HR and Customer Care solutions

Why choose us?


Comprehensive end-to-end support

Leverage our deep expertise in HR and customer care, allowing us to tailor solutions perfectly aligned with your unique requirements.

Innovation and continuous improvement

Elevate your operations with our commitment to continuous improvement, where we actively find ways to streamline processes, leverage technology, and enhance service quality.

Expertise in compliance and transition management

Navigate the complexities of government policies, compliance, and transition management with confidence, knowing your operations are in capable hands.

Transform today, thrive tomorrow. Let’s get started.