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Efficient learning and development programs

Discover the ease of learning and development with our all-encompassing partnership. We manage every aspect, from seamless registrations to effective budgeting, making your organisation's learning journey more fulfilling and productive.

  • Course management: From registrations to cancellations and replacements, we manage the entire course process from start to finish.
  • Program enrollment: We take charge of program publicity and enrollment, ensuring maximum participation and engagement.
  • Logistics support: We handle the logistics for in-house courses, external courses, and site visits, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • Administrative tasks: We streamline administrative tasks like budgeting, approvals, and invoice verification, simplifying your operations.

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Elevate employee well-being

Enhance your employees' health and happiness through our dedicated well-being services. We manage leave, benefits, and health-related tasks to ensure a healthy and happy workforce.

  • Engagement initiatives: Promote a positive workplace by working together to develop engaging activities and providing logistical assistance. 
  • Leave and benefits management: Ensure smooth leave and benefits processes, including conducting audit checks on the records.
  • Part-time employee benefits: Calculate and manage benefits for part-time staff to ensure equity.
  • Medical and insurance claims: Manage claims competently to protect employee well-being.
  • Responsive staff support: Promptly address staff inquiries, providing effective assistance via email and phone.

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