Business challenges

Our client faced challenges in keeping up with the requirements of the local statutory regulations.

Due to its lean structure and in order to function with efficiency, the payroll team often relied on other departments’ team members to step in as substitutes (when required).

This backup support by non-payroll professionals was limited as payroll is a specialized area that requires deep knowledge of labour laws and regulations. In response to these challenges, the client decided to enlist the services of eServ. 



eServ conducted a thorough analysis of their payroll processes and the array of systems used by the client.

Leveraging on our deep understanding of local labour regulations, policies, experience in SAP, and applicable knowledge from other payroll projects, our payroll team successfully re-engineered the payroll timeline and workflow for all employees of our client.

This service seamlessly assumed the responsibility for staff payroll runs on behalf of our client, ensuring uninterrupted operations. With an expanded team of proficient payroll specialists, eServ remains ready to provide dependable backup support in the event of contingencies. 


Following the outsourcing of their payroll function to eServ, our client experienced the peace of mind that their staff received timely and accurate payments.

All statutory deadlines were met with no alerts. Given the intricate nature of labour laws and regulations, we ensured our client's compliance while minimizing the risk of costly errors and penalties. 

This has resulted in higher satisfaction from the client’s employees. Furthermore, our experienced payroll professionals consistently delivered high processing accuracy and enhanced data security, enabling our client to redirect their valuable time and resources toward their core business activities.

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