Business challenges

Our client encountered a pressing challenge when it came to upgrading their Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

The urgency of the situation stemmed from their previous service provider's inability to deliver the desired results due to capacity and resource constraints, leading to the engagement of eServ's expertise.


To address our client's requirements, eServ promptly assumed the responsibility of understanding the technical prerequisites, committed to delivering the migration services within the agreed timeline and ensuring ongoing system maintenance.

Our technical delivery team was promptly assembled to craft a comprehensive transition plan spanning three distinct environments tailored to the client's needs.


Through our diligent efforts and timely execution, our client successfully maintained the project within their stringent budget constraints.


They were able to seamlessly implement their new LMS across their required environments. This case study serves as a testament to eServ's expertise in facilitating a seamless LMS transition, precisely addressing the client's crucial requirements while maintaining a budget-conscious approach.

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