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Finance & Accounting Services


We provide quality outsourced Finance and Accounting services that meet your needs and support your company’s demands in focusing resources on business growth, creating value and enhancing profitability.

Our Finance and Accounting Services are broadly categorised into 2 key areas - Accounting Services and Software Implementation. Equipped with best practices, we are uniquely poised to work with your organisation to optimise your processing costs and improve business efficiency.

Besides processing the multiple transaction data, analysing the data and producing the various management reports to help clients in their decision making, we also manage customers’ enquiries on payment status, billing & accounting matters.


We offer a wide range of quality accounting services to meet your diverse business needs. With our vast experience in providing services to different industries and cross multiple sectors, we are ready to offer our expertise in assisting your organisation in achieving your objectives. Below is an overview of our range of services. To find out more about our Accounting Services, please feel free to contact us.

Accounting Services
Compliance with relevant standards
  • Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS)
  • Government Instructions Manual (IM)
  • Charity Accounting Standards (CAS)
Financial & Accounting Operations
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Journals adjustments
  • GL maintenance
  • Reconciliation of records
  • Master records updating
  • Other data entry and data processing services
Consultancy and Process Review
  • Review of internal controls
  • Review of financial statements
  • Streamlining of operations
Reporting Services
  • Financial reports preparation
  • Statutory reporting requirements
  • Other reporting requirements
  • GST Returns
  • XBRL filing


Behind every successful business, there is a combination of critical factors such as competent people, efficient processes and effective systems. At ST Engineering e-Services, we help our customers implement accounting software applications such as ACCPAC and MYOB to improve the efficiency of your accounting function and to ensure that relevant and critical financial information is available on a timely basis.

Known as the accounting software for all business, ACCPAC offers a wide range of reliable end-to-end solutions such as integrated accounting, CRM, e-commerce, warehouse management and messaging solutions which are optimised to take advantage of new technologies and meet the demanding requirements of companies. Customers will be able to enjoy a variety of features like single-source data, low-cost integration, flexible deployment options, advanced customisation features and security with ACCPAC accounting system.

Simple and easy to use yet with full accounting features, this software which integrates accounting and inventory management, helps to automate the accounts, making it easy for organisations/companies to track their entire accounting data.

To find out more about our Software Implementation services, please contact us for assistance or clarification.



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